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Media creates dialogue – dialogue creates customers

Media planning from strategy through procurement and controlling.

A strategic and sophisticated media planning is a prerequisite for the effective use of your budget. We support you in your decisions with our extensive expertise in all channels – from digital media to magazines.
Only those who compare performance values and media considered separately, they can select specific types of advertising and media purposefully.
The MMD is developing a comprehensive strategic planning and takes care of the placing of your advertisement. Whether banners or search engine marketing on the Internet, ads in newspapers or magazines, commercials on TV or radio, the MMD is planning, placing and controlling your advertising campaigns – regionally, nationally and internationally.
Depending on the campaign requirements, we manage your image or direct marketing campaign. A comprehensive control over all actions in connection with performance values ​​such as brand triad or the targets (contact / lead / sale) in direct response marketing, we take for granted as well as transparent accounting.

Experienced media planners manage your campaign with the most modern tools, years of experience, excellent cross-cultural knowledge and personal commitment.

We will assist you in your advertising campaign!

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