You want to be found on the Internet?
You want to sell products on the Internet and maximize your profits?
You want to finally find your potential customers on the Internet?

We recommend using a search engine marketing Google AdWords Certified Partner, such as the MMD. Your adwords campaign will be managed by professionals who optimize your budget success oriented.


Whether you want to advertise regionally as an artisan or you want to promote your online store, if you wish to have more travelers for your hotel or you want to promote your products worldwide – Search Engine Marketing is the most important advertising campaign.


Very good reasons:


With search engine marketing you will only be charged if a real contact is established. This means that it is charged per click (CPC).


  • to ensure an effective cost control
  • maximum control based on content, target region and time
  • maximum control with daily reporting and tracking tools


What is search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is divided into Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and covers all measures to attract visitors to a website via search engines. Focus of SEA and SEO is the single search query (called keyword or search phrase).


SEA (in Germany often equated with SEM) is the active placement of your ad text in search engines. This ranking is based on the keyword advertising principle, i.e. the position within ads (sponsored links) into the search engine is purchased through an auction principle. However for the position not only the bid plays a decisive role, but also other factors such as the quality of the advertising copy and the quality of the website (Google-quality factors). The billing is based on the clicks (CPC) on the display.

Target of a campaign is: the best result with the lowest bid to achieve. This goal will support the MMD, as a Google AdWords Certified Partner, with extensive knowledge and experience, regardless of whether you want to advertise regionally or globally.


Through SEA there can be quickly and achieve targeted results, while SEO is a long-term, strategic process. More information: SEO

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