Whether radio or TV – the two big traditional broadcast media when it comes to sales and brand building – you could not imagined the use of media without those. Both media can be achieved by extensive targeted analyzes and be optimally adjustable by that.


Radio is regionally adjustable. Target groups can be reached – depending on the transmitter – quickly and simply. Radio should be your choice of medium if you would like to reach target audience exactly, people of all ages and for all the different regions. As it is generally known you can argue about taste in music and exactly where the target accuracy of the radio starts. Radio also offers many special forms of advertising that gets your message quickly and directly to your customers.


Television is the most wide-reaching medium for advertisers. Depending on the objectives, TV can be used for image building or for direct marketing. In both cases, precise planning and excellent knowledge of the target group and range structure are necessary. Our years of contacts with marketers will give you planning security, whether for DRTV (Direct Marketing TV) or image building. TV advertising does not have to be expensive. Best CPM’s (cost per thousand contact price) make TV advertising attractive.