beratungCounseling is very important to the MMD.

Professional advice and strategic development is the basis of every decision-making and promotes the accuracy of each campaign. Only in this way even a medium budgets can be used optimal.

Regardless of whether local, Germany-, Europe- or worldwide, we design the right media strategy in each Internet, print, TV or out-of-home. Depending on requirements, we develop cross-media or mono-media-planning.
We analyze your marketing objectives and design predictable and above all measurable media objectives and media strategies. To that we compare and work on what media and especially with what media mix to reach your target audience for your products the best. Here, we use among others AWA, TID, ACTA, LAE, and more.

If you are already interested in a specific medium or already have decided, our specialized media consultant will introduce you to suitable and efficient prospects.

We do analyses of:

  • analysis of target group
  • analysis of the marketing objectives
  • market research
  • analysis media landscape
  • analysis of media behavior