Advertisements in print titles are after posters the oldest form of advertising. In order to place targeted ads it is inevitable to have an accurate knowledge of the readers’ structures. The MMD uses planning tools such as AWA, ACTA, typology of wishes etc. to position your advertising precisely in the correct magazine or newspaper.

With advertisements in newspapers and magazines, you can build up trust in your brand and product!

Even in the age of the Internet advertising in newspapers is still an important factor. Depending on your product, budget and advertising goals, a selection of media and formats takes place. Whether it’s 1/1 ad, marketplace display or inserts, the MMD develops the correct wiring diagram for you.

Through our many years of cooperation with all major German and European publishers, we are even able to arrange special and unusual forms of advertising, such as banderole, postcards or post-its for you.

Ads in the specialized press – your B2B marketing!

A special area of advertising placements is in the trade press. We can assist you in searching for the availability of national and international trade media.

• Whether you want to reach tourism in the United States or in France,
• or is you wish to attend the press of aviation industry in Russia or Brasielien,
• we can show you the options, consult your ad and document their appearance.

Our experts will help you to communicate in the B2B market e.g. the gaming, health, tourism, aviation, food and food logistics or railway industry.
Information about international media can be found here.

Radio and TV

Whether radio or TV – the two big traditional broadcast media when it comes to sales and brand building – you could not imagined the use of media without those. Both media can be achieved by extensive targeted analyzes and be optimally adjustable by that.

Radio is regionally adjustable. Target groups can be reached – depending on the transmitter – quickly and simply. Radio should be your choice of medium if you would like to reach target audience exactly, people of all ages and for all the different regions. As it is generally known you can argue about taste in music and exactly where the target accuracy of the radio starts. Radio also offers many special forms of advertising that gets your message quickly and directly to your customers.

Television is the most wide-reaching medium for advertisers. Depending on the objectives, TV can be used for image building or for direct marketing. In both cases, precise planning and excellent knowledge of the target group and range structure are necessary. Our years of contacts with marketers will give you planning security, whether for DRTV (Direct Marketing TV) or image building. TV advertising does not have to be expensive. Best CPM’s (cost per thousand contact price) make TV advertising attractive.