Ethno marketing

Germany is home to over 15 million people with an immigrant background. Countless media target these groups in their home languages. We can help you to create the appropriate advertising media in Turkish or Russian language and additionally measure the success via a market research through the DATA4U.

Trade press

Through the trade media you will reach the ‘decision makers’ (in their industry) directly. Advertising in the national and international trade press will ensures the perception of your product. The MMD has extensive databases and will find the right advertising platform for your concerns.

Media planning

The MMD will develop the most optimal campaign for your budget with the help of qualified partners and efficient planning tools – whether short-term presence in the media or long-term media plans. We will show you an efficient way to reach your target audience with utmost care and we will always keep an eye on your framework conditions.

Online marketing includes all marketing activities that occur on the Internet.
With search engine marketing, we place your advertisements on search engines like Google & Yahoo. To ensure a good performance of your SEM campaign, we offer SEO audits for your website.
Additionally we are happy to support you in the field of display advertising, with more accurate and efficient planning and our excellent market knowledge.
Direct marketing e.g. through affiliate networks or e-mail marketing, also provides an efficient way of lead generation and direct sales. We are glad to offer you our support.
Social media marketing on Facebook & co are the perfect advertising platform, if you want to quickly reach a high coverage of the web. Facebook offers a series of effective instruments for placing advertisements and referral marketing. We look forward helping you to find the right form of advertising and targeting.


Advertising in magazines or newspapers are still an important part to ensure a full media coverage. The MMD develops individual circuit layouts and display schedules depending on your product, budget and advertising goals.


If you want to reach an audience quickly and easily, radio should be the number one advertising channel of your choice. Through many special advertising offers, advertisement on the radio provides the opportunity to get your message quickly and directly to your customer.

Strategic planning

To ensure the accuracy of the advertising campaign and to promote decision-making, a professional consulting and strategic development is fundamental for us. Thus we can ensure that even small and medium budget will work successfully. Our professional media consultants gladly introduce efficient solutions to you.


Whether branding, image building or as a medium for direct marketing, television, with its extensive reach has many opportunities for advertisers. Because of our careful planning and excellent knowledge of the target groups and range structure and our years of contact with the marketers, we offer support at the highest level.
Responsible circuit

The MMD offers the services of an international network and the customer orientation of a midsize company. Whether it is for TV ads or advertisement on the internet, we are happy to offer you the best services possible.