Online marketing

For more than 15 years the MMD is a reliable partner when it comes to your online advertising. Factors such as: the choice of the terminal (desktop or mobile – smartphone or tablet), the quality factor of the landing page and the selection of advertising medium will continue to grow to a complexity of digital advertising. We can help you to place your advertising targeted and effectively.

Sem-01Search engine marketing

More than 80% of all online users begin their information and purchase interest in a search engine. Therefore, the optimal path for obtaining qualified visitors to your website is by placing advertises in the search queries. Payment is on cost-per-click basis. As a Google and Yahoo certified agency, the MMD is a strong partner for advertising with Google & Co. We organize your Google campaigns and run your Google Account success-oriented. Furthermore we are happy to optimize existing accounts. Whether regionally, nationally or globally (currently active in 36 countries) – with the MMD, you have a reliable partner who is qualified as a Google partner (Google AdWords Certified Partner). We can demonstrate our know-how and far more we are familiar with the latest developments.

News and information about SEM can be found here – by the way this is another project of ours Please contact us for a performance oriented offering or use our basic offer.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

In order that the advertising with Google & Co is working optimally, we also provide supportive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audits for their website.

Display advertising

  • Banner advertising in portals

Online advertising with the goal: qualified reach and traffic to turn precisely into a certain portal, this needs an accurate planning and superior market knowledge. Whether as a campaign on a CPM (cost per thousand-contact price), a last minute booking or a performance oriented CPC (cost per click) for example the Google Display-Network (GDN), the MMD positions and monitors your advertising.
We will gladly help you with creating your banner. An overview of the most popular banner formats can be found here:


Social media

Facebook is the largest social media platform. With more than 16 million active users in Germany and 600 million worldwide, Facebook after Google, has the most powerful website traffic in the world. Facebook has a number of effective tools to place ads and commendatory marketing. This applies to both the mobile and the desktop use of Facebook. Facebook as a promotional tool is so interesting because there are many ways to monitor the delivery of their advertising – so for example the targeting by gender, age or interests.

Direct Marketing

The Internet is a direct marketing channel with diverse opportunities for lead generation and direct clearance sales. On the one hand a performance-oriented advertising inserts will allow (e.g. on affiliate networks) a maximum cost certainty; on the other hand email marketing provides the opportunity to directly address the user.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing will allow an efficient and effective sales approach. In order for the campaign to be successful, however, some challenges still remain.

• address selection – addresses which have been raised in the “double opt-in” procedure are legally secured
• the selection of the correct subject line will ensure open rates
• an attractive design will allow response
• the involvement of the right to object and data protection creates trust