For those who want to quickly achieve a high coverage of the web, Facebook & Co. are the perfect advertising platform – if you take care of a couple of rules. As regards, first, the question is always – is my target audience on Facebook active, or do they may use other platforms, such as Jappy for kids / teens or Xing in the b2b area.


Facebook is the largest social media platform. With more than 16 million active users in Germany and 600 million worldwide, Facebook after Google, has the most powerful website traffic in the world. Facebook has a number of effective tools to place ads and commendatory marketing. This applies to both the mobile and the desktop use of Facebook.


Facebook as a promotional tool is so interesting because there are many ways to monitor the delivery of their advertising – so for example the targeting by gender, age or interests.


The first step is always the question of what should be advertised: app, event, external page, and thus the objectives: increase gain fans, increase engagement, higher awareness. Depending on that, the appropriate form of advertising should be chosen on Facebook, for example, standard ad marketplace, premium or sponsored story in the news stream. In total there are currently 38 types of advertising available on Facebook.


It should be noted: In general it is possible to advertise on Facebook, even if the company does not have an own Facebook page (business side). Whether it makes sense to be active without having an own page on Facebook, must be checked in each individual case.


We will assist you in choosing the right form of advertising and the right target group.